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The very popular independent ForestTECH technology series has been run by the Forest Industry Engineering Association annually for forest managers and technical foresters in both New Zealand and Australia since 2007.
Instead of inventory management, forest estate planning or plantation silviculture which has been the previous focus of ForestTECH events, the theme for the latest ForestTECH 2012 series was on improving wood transport and logistics in the forestry sector.

It was designed by forestry staff - managers, harvest and logistics planners, transport operators and harvesting contractors. It was set up to provide an independent overview of new and emerging technologies that are improving efficiencies within and across the wood supply chain.

The programme also incorporated numerous case studies from companies that have implemented and are using some of these new tools  - how they have been adopted, the steps in adoption of the technology and what it has meant operationally and financially to the company.


Written and verbal feedback tells us that this was one of the best of the more recent forestry technology events that has been run by FIEA. In Australia over 80 forestry staff attended. In New Zealand, by linking into the Forest Industry Contractors Association’s annual Big Day Out – the largest gathering of forestry operational staff was seen with over 200 participating. 

The Rotorua programme included the ForestTECH 2012 Wood Transport & Logistics conference, a series of managed exhibitions showing off the very latest in new logistics, fleet management and communications tools, field visits to view innovative new harvesting equipment in operation and a NZ Silviculture Summit.

What ForestTECH 2012 covered:

·    Analysis of successful international models for supply chain optimisation
·    Remote sensing and real-time tracking of logs and wood products
·    Innovative systems that integrate planning, operations, harvesting & sales
·    Materials handling, packaging, freight forwarding and distribution developments
·    Key issues facing the freight, shipping and transport industries
·    Innovations for improving harvest optimisation


Comments from ForestTECH 2012 delegates

"These topics were very relevenat to my work and the current environment.  More of the same thanks!!"

"Brilliant.  Thanks - I took a lot out of the event"

“Superb conference.  Thanks.  Well done”

"Well organised and focussed conference"

"Congratlations to Brent Apthorp and his team for the organisation and conduct of another great event.  These guys always run a terrific show and we suggest you keep a look out for anything that they put on both in Australia and New Zealand"

Very informative.  Flowed to schedule and excellent place to network"


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